Loop/tape cutting unit

The operator programs in both the required length (in mm) of the article to be cut and the number of pieces needed.

The dedicated software of the HM539.01 control unit, which our technicians have made very simple and direct, permits an extremely easy programme of these parameters. Using the external console of the HM539.01 programming unit, the user can set up as many as 4 counts in sequence, for distinct quantities and production. This is made possible by the high level of versatility of the installed programmer and by the 4 one- way counters that can be enabled or disabled at will.

The pulling and cutting speed of the material can be adjusted by the operator using a potentiometer.

Technical specifications

  • Min and max width of the material to be cutted: from 5 to 50 mm
  • Material cutting length: from 1 to 999 mm
  • Power requirement: 220 V Single-Phase 50/60 Hz
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