2-игол. машина для кокетки шва сидения

The V364.1 is a at bed machine equipped with Vi.Be.Mac. sewing head, 2 needle chain stitch, needle feed and semi-dry lubrication. Ideal for lap felling of the yoke seams, rise seams, inseam & outseam, top stitch. This model ensures user-friendliness, high-quality sewing, production and reduced maintenance expenses. The machine’s soft belt puller device, the revolutionary presser foot equipped with DCP technology (Dynamic Control of the Pressure on the presser foot) and the useful table that comes already assembled with the machine make this unit a very functional working station.


Technical features:

  • New pneumatic trimming device with sensor that cuts in one time, to guarantee extreme precision and to save thread in the beginning and the end of the operation
  • Vi.Be.Mac. belt puller
  • Auxiliary puller with a belt adjustable in speed to increase material pulling during sewing and consequently increase the nish and quality of sewing
  • Quick lap felling device changing system
  • New design of the stand, with a special cilynder inside the column that makes machine oating for easy adjustment in height
  • Needle feeding that perfectly avoids the puckering effect


  • Max Sewing Speed: 4000 rpm
  • Stitching Length: from 0,9 to 5 mm
  • Standard Needle Gauge: 1/4” (6,4 mm) 2 needles
  • Optionals Needle Gauges (2 needles): 9/32” (7,2 mm) - 5/16” (8 mm) - 3/8” (9,6 mm) - 5/8” (16 mm)
  • Optionals Needle Gauges (3 needles): 1/2” (12,7 mm)
  • SewingHead: Vi.Be.Mac.
  • Power Supply: 220 V 50/60 Hz
  • Sewing Machine Motor: Mitsubishi XCG 554 20Y - 550W
  • Control Box: XCG MFY 2005
  • Air consumption: 2 L/min
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