Thank you for your visit to: 10th Int'l Textile & Clothing Trade Fair in Dongguan City

Vi.Be.Mac. was present with its dealer Far East Honest - Riverstone from Hong-kong and displayed its back side multifunctional system, allowing the visitors to see a small production line working properly from the pocket hemming to the loop setting.

The small production line started with the 007V, to hem the back pocket with a 2 needles chainstich sewing head; consequently, with the 1010DCS, pocket decorative/ label attaching unit the visitor had the chance to see how simple is to stitch any kind of pattern on the back pocket, switching easily from a pattern to another thanks to the user-friendly PLC. In next working station the pocket is creased and attached on the quarter piece: job perfectly performed by the units 001V and 2516V2; with the 3022WB406 the waistband is attached on the trouser, the possibility to choose between chain-lock stitch, select the number of skip stitches, with the automatic chopper of the waistband; last unit of this miniature production line is the 3650EV8R, the most flexible belt loop unit in the market. 2 units more were present, 2261H feed off the arm, to close the inseam/outseam, join back yolk/rise and the 3022BH, bottom hemming unit, machine suitable to be used also for women & kids wear thanks to the smallest cylinder in the market.

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