Vibemac at DTC 2010 Responding to Market Needs Jointly with Chinese Partner

Vibemac Spa exhibited its already marketed jeans sewing machinery jointly with its agent in China, Far East Honest and Riverstone Trading.
Because the Chinese market is known for widespread copying of leading-edge machine models, exhibition of new products was mostly withheld.
On this show, Mr. Enrico Guerreschi commented as follows.
“The show itself was good. Not only our machine users, but also potential customers visited our company’s booth.
China is one of the five most important markets in the world for us.
We Vibemac and Far East Honest and Riverstone Trading are making maximum approach to users in new product development, sales and after-sales service while drawing out the largest possible synergy due to this business tie-up. In particular, new product development responding to needs in the Chinese market is indispensable and our pair has been devoted to its realization through teamwork.”
In China, jeans sewing has still been busy. Mr. Carlos Guo, general manager of Riverstone Trading who supervises sales and service of Vibemac products in China said,
“Jeans market in China has been improving day by day since the beginning of this year 2010. User factories now have a strong desire for equipment investment in automatization of jeans sewing. Our company has received lots of new orders for our leading-edge production equipment in a short period of time, so product delivery is slightly delayed. We are both overwhelmed and delighted by the present situation.
This year, we are scheduled to increase ours ales and technical staffers.”
Mr. Enrico Guerreschi emphasized, “Although “DCT” (Double Color Tech-nology) was developed at the headquarters in Italy, it was then modified into an item better matching the market needs through discussions with our partner in the Chinese market, namely Far East Honest and Riverstone Trading about necessary machine improvements, etc.
Such collaborations are very important for us.”

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