V500 / V500-3D
Loop fusing unit
v500 / v500-3d

Powerful and dynamic vario-motor feeding made in Italy which guarantees a perfect linear regulation of the rpm without the “cooked” effect on the loop. The operator easily can adjust the speed thanks to graduated level handle ball grip. The hi-tech thermostat ensures a perfect adjustment on every kind of fabric especially on the light and stretch with a constant temperature on the iron-plates. Thanks to the superior iron-plate and the auto moved puller track system, easily cross the loop problems as joint and folds. It can work 3 loop rolls in one shot assuring great productivity able to feed easily the automatic loop setters 4650EV Series.

Model V500-3D is especially designed for 3D/Q loops.The unit can crease three 3D loop rolls at the same time or two simple loop rolls.


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